"Bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ"

II Corinthians 10

Thinking Like a Christian Video Series© - Biblical Worldview Curriculum



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The Thinking Like a Christian Video Series©  (TLAC) is specifically designed to equip families and churches with a Biblical worldview in the shortest time possible. 

TLAC is a 12-subject series divided into two sets of 7 DVDs each. Every worldview subject compares and contrasts the Christian, Biblical Worldview with the other major worldviews bombarding us in our world today. Within each 50-60 minute DVD, the statements of facts and conclusions are supported by fascinating videos, graphs, and pictorial illustrations in order to make the concepts and principles easy to understand and apply in the real world. The purpose of this series is to teach how the Bible is vitally applicable in every area of life in today’s world and why the Biblical view is superior to all others.

The video series can be ordered with or without the Study Guide Workbooks that divide the curriculum into daily segments for easy implementation into your schedule. (Answer Keys are available as free downloads from the website). If ordering the Video Series only, study questions are included with the series in printable PDF form. 


ALSO available in 2 other formats!

             Streamed                      or                   on Flash Drive 


Thinking Like a Christian Video Series Workbooks

This series is designed for homeschool families, High-school co-ops, and families with teens in public school. Parents with young children will benefit immensely from this series by developing their own Biblical worldview before the children reach adolescence.

Each series of 6 subjects may be supplemented with an optional Study Guide Workbook that divides the curriculum into daily segments for easy implementation into your schedule. 

Answer Keys for these Workbooks are available HERE

For those who do not wish to purchase the Study Guide Workbooks, there are downloadable PDF Study Questions included with each series on a CD disc.






To view short video excerpts from each of the subjects, click the links below