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Thinking Like a Christian

Everyone has a worldview, but where does it come from? The Bible calls us to 'take captive' all thought to the obedience of Christ. That's what led us to create this 12-class video series to explore the practical application of Scripture in our life. These are the ideas that make up our BIBLICAL worldview.


GTI's focus on Christians applying Biblical truths in every sphere of life is exactly what is needed in these times of radical social and political upheaval.

Bob McEwen, Former Ohio Congressman

We enthusiastically support the use of this material for parents who want their children to rightly understand the Christian worldview and approach real life issues.

Mbuyi Khuzadi, Executive Director of Exploring Homeschooling

The Thinking Like a Christian Video Series by GTI Ministries has been an excellent resource in teaching our teens to develop and defend their Christian Worldview.

Kimberly, Parent/Educator

Overview of GTI Ministries

Our biblical worldview resources are the end product of 35 years serving in leadership in four denominations as God our family a bird’s eye view of the drowning church in America. The first-hand experience of watching as children, families, churches, and the nation have fallen away from God has been heartbreaking; and these teachings are what God has given us in answer to our prayers for His direction for a means to turn the tide of ignorance inundating the Church. “My people perish from lack of knowledge!” is the theme of today!

We have seen tremendous success from the method we use to quickly cement a biblical worldview into entire families who previously had little or no grounding. We call our method “indoctrinate and inoculate”, meaning: Indoctrinate the learners with the fundamental doctrines (principles, precepts, truths) of the Bible in each of 12 areas of life and inoculate them by comparing and contrasting the biblical worldview against the opposing worldviews that are pummeling our culture today. In this manner, the family wrestles with the ideas that are currently bringing the church down, so that they will not be deceived and taken captive by those bad ideas when they leave the sanctuary of the home. We battle ideas; thus, this method prepares the students to think through all ideas using the Bible as their key source of knowledge and wisdom.

Our Purpose

Christian Education

Greater Than I Ministries (GTI Ministries) is a non-profit agency providing products and materials such as Christian educational videos and books, as well as services, such as providing teachers or speakers for classroom settings or small-to-large group meetings and church services. These products and services are specifically aimed at the Christian church community at large for the purpose of “equipping the saints for the work of the ministry” (Eph. 4:11-16). We believe it is imperative that the church and its families, in this increasingly secular world, be prepared to combat and “demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God” (II Cor. 10:5). If we do not educate ourselves and engage in this battle of ideas, we are only surrendering ourselves to the enemy; as Hosea 4:6 states, “My people perish from lack of knowledge.” The goal of GTI Ministries is therefore to encourage and promote intelligent, thoughtful application of Scripture to every vocation or station in life (what we call worldview teaching), and thereby to reestablish a sense of confidence, pride, and hope into the Christian church that is sorely absent today in America.


The means of achieving our goals is through the family structure. America’s churches are falling because the family structure has been broken down. The core values and morals of Christianity have ceased to be passed from one generation to the next because the church and its families long ago surrendered the education of our children over to the state-controlled public school system.  We firmly believe that the parents (and future parents) within the church can – and must – reclaim the faith and our families by once again taking personal responsibility to educate ourselves and our children. We must not expect the local church or school or popular media to perform this task any longer – especially when the current education system and the media has become so corrupted –  and there are so many excellent Christian tools at our disposal today to assist us in doing it right …according to God.

 Who Is It For?

Christian Homeschool Materials

GTI Ministries will work with individuals, churches, and homeschool organizations to present and provide not only the educational materials we develop, but to partner with similar organizations such as Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, Summit Ministries, and others for the purpose of increasing awareness among Christians of these excellent ministries and their tools.

Over time, GTI Ministries desires to foster a learning environment that will be an invaluable resource to adults and young people within the church, inspiring the Christian community at large.

The Worldview Series

Thinking Like a Christian is a series of Biblical worldview study divided into 12 sections, each designed to address a unique aspect of life. The series is designed for parents, families, church study groups, home schools, or any other individual or group searching to learn more about applying Biblical knowledge into every aspect of their life.

See our Learn More section above for an overview of the series, as well as a closer look into each section of the course, including some sample video from the courses themselves.

The 5,000 Year Leap

God's providence throughout time.