Biblical Worldview Textbooks

Connecting the Dots Between Scripture and the Real World

The You Are What You Think textbooks are a "hybrid" text version of the Thinking Like a Christian Video Series, that present the biblical worldview in 12 key subjects of life. We use the word "hybrid" because we have added about 20% more material in the textbook series than is in the video series. 

Each subject in the textbooks is divided into 8-10 day reading assignments with study questions at the end of each day. Answer keys are available online at no cost.

Use with Homeschool and private school teens, public school teens (as a Christian supplemental aid to combat public school bias), College students, and Church study groups.

Series 1 contains these subjects:1)What is a Worldview and Why Does It Matter? 2) History 3) Theology 4 ) Philosophy 5)  Economics 6) Science

Series 2 contains these subjects: 1) Psychology 2) Ethics 3} Sociology 4) Law 5) Politics 6) Education

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