"Bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ"

II Corinthians 10



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"Excellent, affordable options that don’t require parents to prepare or present the material"

Thinking Like a Christian Video Series©
Roger and Breck Wheelock have created two versions of a biblical Christian worldview course that can be used with students in grades seven through twelve as well as college students and adults. (Parents can learn alongside students if they want to.) Thinking Like a Christian is video-based and You Are What You Think is book-based.

Each of the topics is presented from a biblical-Christian (Protestant) worldview that includes a limited-government and free-market perspective. The course draws heavily upon the Bible, frequently listing a number of passages for students to look up or review at the end of a day’s lesson.
Students taking [the Video] course would benefit immensely from a group class meeting one or more times a week to discuss some of the questions. But it will still work for students who need to work through the course on their own.
Free digital answer keys are provided through the website.
Homeschoolers wishing to teach a biblical Christian worldview to their children in junior and senior high have had few practical, up-to-date choices in recent years. These two courses now offer excellent, affordable options that don’t require parents to prepare or present the material.

See Cathy’s complete review at: https://cathyduffyreviews.com/homeschool-extras/worldview-curriculum/thinking-like-a-christian-worldview-course#


"This biblical worldview series is phenomenal!" 

 I can’t emphasize strongly enough the importance of instilling a biblical worldview in your church, in your children, and in your family. If you’ve got kids, maybe they're being brainwashed in the government schools or maybe the Christian school they are in is not up to par-- it's critical that they learn to think biblically across all of life’s issues.

A recent study by the George Barna group stated that barely 6% of self-proclaimed Christians have a biblical worldview. I’ve used GTI’s biblical worldview series with my family – We love it! I highly recommend their materials!


"GTI's focus on applying Biblical truths in every sphere of life is exactly what is needed in these times of radical social and political upheaval!" 

The Honorable Bob McEwen (Former Ohio Congressman and current Executive Director of the Council for National Policy) on Aug 04, 2021 

Count me among those who share the values and passion of Roger Wheelock and his team at Greater Than I Ministries. Their focus upon the vital need for today's Christians to apply Biblical truths in every sphere of life is exactly what is needed in these times of radical social and political upheaval. The church especially can benefit from this Christian worldview teaching. GTI's “Thinking Like a Christian” Video Series is a great tool to assist in that noble task.

Whether in need of a Biblical Worldview speaker at your church or organization, or if one is considering taking groups through a worldview series, I am pleased to recommend Greater Than I Ministries.


"These are the kinds of things we want our children to know before they leave our homes. This is what parent-led home education discipleship is all about."

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine  

There are many choices for the parent in considering these products.Whatever option you choose, you will be heartened by your discussions with your child. If they study alone, you will be relieved and blessed to know they are learning why a Biblical worldview matters in every area of life. They’ll learn how a Biblical worldview will help them remain prosperous and successful as they meditate on God’s Word and live God’s way. They will learn from the past in order to face an uncertain but God-ordained future.

I recommend these Biblical studies that will help undergird your students to stand firm in their Christian faith as they venture out from your home and into the world. 

-Product review by Deborah Wuehler, senior editor, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, September 2022 - READ full review HERE


"Bought this series, LOVE IT! I watch it with our kids, and even with a church home group!!"

I bought this DVD set at a conference that I saw this ministry at and wasn't exactly sure all it contained. But after receiving a very nice set organized by 12+ different topics, along with optional study guides we decided to watch it.
WOW!  I haven't seen anything quite like this on worldview. It has nice, short 20 minute segments so you can divide it up, either to use personally, or for something productive to show your kids and talk about it, or to use as small group material. I could see a bible study church or youth group using this as well.
This is worth 5 times what they are selling it for, and we have now gone through about half the series which include history, worldview, economics, politics and can't wait for science. My favorite segment is the "5000 Year Leap" which has AMAZING information about the founding of America that God preserved for us. Good as a gift as well to others.


"Solid, Essential Truth"

Thinking Like a Christian Video Series© with Study Guide Workbooks

I met Roger at a homeschool conf. last year in Modesto, CA. My family cannot get enough Apologetics, and we try to supplement each year's studies with some Apologetics.
In these times, it is so critical that our foundation of belief be grounded in Biblical Truth. Roger and co. have done a beautiful job researching, presenting and teaching Truth, as hard as it is to accept at times.
We pray that people are open to hearing and watching this series (study guide is helpful too!), and following Jesus, no matter what lies or attacks our culture throws at us.
My sons are 20, 18, and 15. They enjoyed Roger's teaching very much, minus the bit loud background music.
Thank you, Roger, for trying to take that out. It ended up just easier to watch dvds.
My boys' review:
"All Christian families should watch this. Very informative. It's a call to action, basically. It tells you why Christians need to be involved in the culture. It addresses all the current topics and issues: science, politics, sociology, ethics, education, religion, law.......so good."
We will be sharing the series, after we watch again!
Roger, we continue to pray for you and this ministry. Please keep us posted on your speaking schedule!
God bless you and thank you again for your faithfulness to step out into "no man's land" and fight, because fight you must!

"I Love Your Video Series!"

I love your Thinking Like a Christian Series! I love the way you pulled together the 5,000 Year Leap, David Barton's material, and history, etc.

Thank you for the great work!
I'm very glad to have found your ministry and resources on the Genesis Science Network!


"Great tool for Youth Ministry"

I am a youth minister in South Euless, TX. I purchased two of your courses and found them to be very helpful in bringing my kids to the point where they can think biblically. I love your message and think this is the kind of help youth ministers need to reach this confused generation.

"Our Family is Loving It!"

The Thinking Like A Christian DVDs and online streaming has been fantastic. Your comparisons of other religions is succinct and clear! I love it and appreciate your organization of your content. We really enjoyed your Theology segment!

Thank you for your ministry!



"Study Guide 1 to Accompany Thinking Like a Christian video series"

This study is vital in our country today. I am teaching it at a Homeschool Co-Op to high schoolers who are going to be entering the front lines in the world we live in. As an adult, I am getting so much clarified in how easily our "world views" become distorted and stray from the biblical perspective. This series lays out a clear biblical world view and gives us verses and biblical examples of how having (or not having) a biblical world view can either bless or punish you. Amazing lay out, great facilitation and helpful staff. I am very impressed and excited to start Volume 2! Once I work my way through Volume 1 of course. There are certain things in life that every human being should have to do and I would rank establishing a clear world view as one of them. As a believer, a mother and a teacher I want this to be a Biblical World View. This series offers all who take it the opportunity to see clearly God's biblical worldview.


"This Resource is Very Timely!"

Recently I have had the pleasure of seeing a few of your productions on Genesis Science Network. This has been a great addition to GSN's programming and I would like to thank you for your ministry as I have been greatly blessed. Most recently I viewed the segment about psychology with which I wholeheartedly agreed and also learned some things. My desire is to acquire your series so that I might share it with others; but my reason for this email is to encourage you to continue in your efforts to disciple believers and to present the truth to those that don't believe. May our Lord bless you and your ministry.

Chris Hager 


"The Title Says It All"

The title says it all, and the series will do exactly that--help you think more biblically as a Christian. A very educational & thoughtful analysis of how the Bible speaks to our culture in a variety of areas. Articulate, clear and easy to follow. Even as a pastor, I was greatly helped & encouraged by the series. And it would be something I could easily use in a church Sunday School class or small group as the DVD's each contain segments that are about 20 minutes. I highly recommend this set.


"This is the best worldview study that I have used!"

As a freshman in college, I am continually bombarded with secular thought. The Thinking Like a Christian Series has really prepared me to stand firm in my Christian beliefs. I believe that I can give an answer to anyone who asks me about my faith.
This is the best worldview study that I have used. I learned so much and I plan to re-watch the series in the future.
Avondale, AZ


"We loved it!"

We loved going through your series! Thanks for creating this series. I believe it will make a difference in many lives. I'm sure we will go through the series again.
God bless your ministry!


"Every single household needs to have it!"

I had the privilege of being part of a Bible study group that Pastor Roger Wheelock lead himself. I gotta say, this series with its study guides have the power to challenge any non-believer and equip just about every Christian in a whole new way. Roger teaches the Christian Worldview in a way that the younger generation can actually fully implement in present times. These series have truly helped me come to a realization of what the real Christian worldview should look like; and the responsibility every Christian has to model our faith within our family and among all those we come in contact with.

Definitely a must-see for every soul on the planet. I feel so privileged to have been one of the first!