"Bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ"

II Corinthians 10




The Honorable Bob McEwen                                                                           November, 2016

Count me among those who share the values and passion of Roger Wheelock and his team at Greater Than I Ministries. Their focus upon the vital need for today's Christians to apply Biblical truths in every sphere of life is exactly what is needed in these times of radical social and political upheaval. The church especially can benefit from this Christian worldview teaching. GTI's “Thinking Like a Christian” Video Series is a great tool to assist in that noble task.

 Whether in need of a Biblical Worldview speaker at your church or organization, or if one is considering taking groups through a worldview series, I am pleased to recommend Greater Than I Ministries.

 Bob McEwen

Former Ohio Congressman and current Executive Director of the Council for National Policy (cfnp.org)

Note from GTI Ministries:

Former Congressman Bob McEwen served 6 terms as a U.S. Congressman for Ohio. During his tenure,

  • Representative McEwen served as an official United States observer in Moscow during both the 1991 Soviet Coup attempt and to the Kremlin in January of 1992 when the Soviet Union was dissolved.
  • As one of only four Republicans on the thirteen member Rules Committee, Mr. McEwen managed nearly one-third of all legislation on the House floor for the Republican side of the Congressional aisle.

Public Speaking
An outstanding communicator, Mr. McEwen is a leading advocate for pro-family interests and free-market economics. As such, he maintains an active international speaking schedule. He has spoken in many of the largest churches in America.


 Letter of Endorsement 

As the homeschool director for more than 23 years at Whittier Christian Private Satellite Program, I have watched many students grow up.

It has concerned me to see so many students go through our program, homeschooled by loving, caring, Christian parents and see that same student totally reject the Bible and God in adulthood.

 As a parent of three adult children, I realize that raising a child to love the Lord with all their heart, soul and mind, takes more than a loving home and a "good" curriculum. It takes a purposeful determination to instill godly principles in their life and to tackle those hard and often perplexing questions about God and Christianity that your child may never ask at home, but will be faced with in the adult world.

Believe me, the seeking and questioning time will come and you want to equip them to have answers.

 This is where Greater Than I Ministries can help you. This a solid, understandable and user friendly curriculum to help begin to shape a Christian World View for you and your child. This is a program you work through together, sharpening each other, letting your child know your struggles with belief and faith.

This program will hopefully be a spring board for a deeper pursuit of God and the
beginning of a lifelong road of faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Toni Muus

Director 1999-2016 Whittier Christian Schools 


 Association of Christian Schools International


Mbuyi Khuzadi


















Anaheim, CA                                               
December, 2016

  I am one of two Executive Directors of Exploring Homeschooling, a ministry in Southern California that introduces parents to Private Biblical homeschooling and provides avenues for ongoing support of those families throughout the homeschooling process.  Our organization has touched thousands of families throughout Southern California over the nearly ten (10) years that we have served.

 Recently, I have had the chance to review the program by Greater Than I Ministries called "Thinking Like a Christian".  It is an in-depth review of a wide range of issues important to the Christian in the present day.  Our team reviewed the material in the context of a small group study with a group that had a variety of experience in the Christian community. 

 During this experience, we reviewed a wide range of subjects including the Christian approach to Politics, Ethics, Science, and more.  Presented primarily by Roger Wheelock, the program helps ground a Christian in basics of a Christian world view and then to operate in a manner consistent with this world view.  This material is perfect for a young or mature Christian or for a junior or high school orientation to a world view.

 We at Exploring Homeschooling enthusiastically support the use of this material for parents who want their children to rightly understand the Christian world view and how to appropriately approach real life issues or for churches who want to equip their members to defend the faith and rightly implement the teachings of Jesus Christ in normal life.


October, 2016

Dear Parent or Church Leader,






 As both a representative for a national Christian curriculum provider and a Christian homeschooling parent, I believe the best education rests on Christ and the Word of God. What good is an excellent education if we lose the hearts of our children to secularism?

 The Thinking Like a Christian Video Series by Greater Than I Ministries has been an excellent resource in teaching our teens to develop and defend their Christian Worldview. Our culture, public colleges/universities, and workplaces are steeped in secular thought. Many of our churches are filled with believers who have little knowledge of what they believe or why. Sadly, many of us don't know Church history or doctrine. When questioned, many believers are ill-equipped to share their faith or defend their beliefs persuasively. As the video series reminds us, "My people perish from lack of knowledge." (Hosea 4:6) This should not be so when this outstanding video resource exists to equip believers.

Our family has used the Thinking Like a Christian Video Series as a worldview
course for High School. There are currently two sets of video lectures available. Each
video set includes 6 sessions on topics like History, Economy, Philosophy, Science,
Psychology, and Ethics. Roger Wheelock speaks in a clear, engaging manner on
relevant topics we encounter every day. Roger's passion for God's Word is evident in
his speaking. He desires to equip the Church for spiritual warfare. He reminds us we
are in a battle of ideas for hearts and minds. Roger's lectures begin by pointing out the rich history of our faith, the major worldwide influence of Christianity, and the
foundations of our nation's history. It is enlightening to learn of our rich Christian legacy.
Each video set comes with discussion questions and supporting Scripture for further
research of the Word. My teens and I watched the video sessions together in one
sitting, looked up the Scripture and answered the questions individually later, then came
together for another session to discuss and review what we learned. What interesting
conversations we had together!

The Thinking Like a Christian Video Series helped us
to define our worldview. It equipped us to defend our faith. We honed our critical
thinking skills.Our dinner conversations were enlivened with talk of current events in the light of God's Word and our Christian ethics.

The Thinking Like a Christian Video Series is ideal for teaching in a group setting.

Our video set is now being used as a Christian Worldview Study for a group of teens.
They meet each week to review their Scripture worksheets and notes from the previous
lesson and then watch the next video in the series. The students and their parents are
enriched and empowered by the study.

Our own teen, now attending a state college, has met with many profane, anti- Christian values.She is immeasurably thankful she had the opportunity to research and solidify her Christian Worldview.

She is empowered to stand against the tide and
prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks, to give the reason for the hope that
she has with gentleness and respect
. (I Peter 3:15). The Thinking Like a Christian
Video Series is an invaluable tool to train disciples of Christ in their homes, churches,
and Bible studies. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind! (Romans 12:2)

Nov., 2016
Kimberly, Parent/educator, Phoenix, AZ.