"Bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ"

II Corinthians 10

"You Are What You Think" Biblical Worldview Textbooks

Connecting the Dots Between Scripture and the Real World

The You Are What You Think textbooks are a "hybrid" text version of the Thinking Like a Christian Video Series, that present the biblical worldview in 12 key subjects of life. We use the word "hybrid" because we have added about 15% more material in the textbook series than is in the video series. 

WE ARE EXCITED to introduce our new revised and updated version of these textbooks created for those who wish to incorporate the Video series with these textbooks.  

We have re-configured our You Are What You Think TEXTBOOK series to work hand-in-hand with the Thinking Like a Christian (TLAC) video series. These revised Textbooks contain not only word-for-word content from the videos, but an additional 15% more information ... AND they are arranged to follow the videos minute-by-minute. Additionally, we have created a set of INSTRUCTOR GUIDES to assist the leader day-by-day, with answer keys also provided. 

Using the Videos along with the Textbooks combines both visual learning and reading comprehension, providing a double presentation of the teaching - enhancing the ability to process and retain the information.

We strongly believe there is a great need for Christians of all ages to be equipped with answers to battle against the evil ideas attacking us from all directions today! Thus, our purpose for providing this curriculum is to help you lead others through these vital biblical worldview lessons more easily and efficiently.

Each subject in the textbooks is divided into 8-10 day reading assignments with study questions at the end of each day. If you are not incorporating the videos with the textbooks, Answer Keys are downloadable online at no cost. Just CLICK HERE and scroll down to "FREE Answer Keys) 

Use with Homeschool and private school teens, public school teens (as a Christian supplemental aid to combat public school bias), College students, and Church study groups.

Series 1 and 2 - contains all 12 subjects

Series 1 contains these subjects:

  1. What is a Worldview and Why Does It Matter?
  2. The Christian Worldview of History
  3. The Christian Worldview of Theology
  4. The Christian Worldview of Philosophy
  5. The Christian Worldview of Economics
  6. The Christian Worldview of Science

Series 2 contains these subjects:

  1. The Christian Worldview of Psychology
  2. The Christian Worldview of Ethics
  3. The Christian Worldview of Sociology
  4. The Christian Worldview of Law
  5. The Christian Worldview of Politics
  6. The Christian Worldview of Education

To see a preview of the contents of Series 1, click HERE


ALSO AVAILABLE in combination with the THINKING LIKE A CHRISTIAN video series



FREE Answer keys for BOTH TEXTBOOK Series: