Thinking Like a Christian Biblical Worldview Video Group Studies

Thinking Like a Christian Biblical Worldview Group Studies is a 6-book series specifically designed to meet the needs of adult home group leaders, high school and college group leaders, and independent home school leaders who have a limited study time to spend with their groups each meeting.

Each book contains a DVD with 12-14 short videos (4-8 minutes each) with a printed study guide for each video. The estimated time for viewing a video and discussing the study questions may vary from 40-75 minutes per session (a session is one video plus the study questions). . The group can watch and discuss one or two videos per meeting, depending on how much time is allotted to discussion. The questions are design to encourage critical thinking and applying  the biblical principles to everyday life in today's world.

We believe your group will be both challenged and inspired to live their lives in such a way that their families, friends, and acquaintances will be affected by their influence.

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