"Bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ"

II Corinthians 10

Worldview Small Group Studies


    This life-changing series is made especially for Small Groups of up to 30 people. Covering 12 worldview subjects in 6 Group Study books, these studies will engage, equip, and challenge every Christian to apply the simple fundamental and revolutionary principles of the Bible into every area of life.

    WHY is it vital to develop a Biblical worldview?

    • Less than 10% of professing Born-again Christians have a Biblical Worldview!
      • 60-85% of all professing Christian teens abandon the faith by their 2nd year in college
      • Most Christians have trouble defining their worldview   
      Christianity has been under attack for many decades and we are all suffering as a result.
      But we can do something about it. We can become equipped to engage – and win – in the battle of ideas!
      All Worldview Study Guides focus on two subjects.

        • Each subject is divided into 6-7 Sessions. A session is made up viewing a short video segment, followed by discussion.
        • One session can be viewed & discussed within 40-60 minutes
        • Video segments are only 4-8 minutes long
        • Each Leader’s Study Guide book contains one DVD for all sessions covered in that book.
        • Participant books may be purchased without the DVD
        • Group PACKETS are available, consisting of (1) Leader's Study with DVD and (7) Participant Studies at a discounted cost.


        NOW Available!

        Worldview Group Studies #1

        (This is the first of six Worldview Group Study books)

        Subjects included in this Study book:

         1. What Is a Worldview and Why Does It matter?

           Is Christianity the source of all the world’s problems as today’s media preaches or is it responsible for the majority of the world's blessings? What influence has Christianity had in the world over the last 2000 years? What does the Bible say about today’s morality? What difference can a Biblical worldview make in our lives?

            2. The Christian Worldview of HISTORY

              How reliable is the Bible? Is it, as some say, just a collection of old myths? You’ll be amazed at the facts! Were the Founders of America truly atheists and deists as is taught in the schools today? Has God intervened in American history in a similar way He did with Israel of old? Is He still working today? How vital is it that we have a reasonable knowledge of true history?

              These and many more common questions will be answered through these thought-provoking studies that promise to engage your small group in deep, meaningful, and life-changing discussions. 


              Contains (1) Leader's Group Study #1 book with DVD and (7) Participant books 


               Coming Soon!

              Worldview Group Studies #2 - 6


              • Available in single Group Study books with 2 subjects each
              • Every subject includes six or seven studies of 40-60 minutes each
              • Video segments average only 4-8 minutes, leaving plenty of time for meaty discussions!
              • Also available as packages that include 1 Leader's guide with DVD, and 7 Participant's Guide (with no DVD)


               Book #            Topics Covered

                  #1                 What is a Worldview and Why Does It Matter?

                                       The Christian Worldview of History

                  #2                 The Christian Worldview of Economics

                                       The Christian Worldview of Politics

                  #3                 The Christian Worldview of Science

                                       The Christian Worldview of Psychology

                  #4                 The Christian Worldview of Sociology

                                       The Christian Worldview of Education            

                  #5                 The Christian Worldview of Law

                                       The Christian Worldview of Philosophy

                  #6                 The Christian Worldview of Theology

                                       The Christian Worldview of Ethics