"Bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ"

II Corinthians 10

Worldview Books

The Church, the State, and Education: An Urgent call for the Church to Consider a Paradigm Shift in Our Priorities     

by Roger Wheelock

Today’s Christian Church is being pummeled from every direction today. We are not only not taking ground back from the enemy in the culture around us, but to the contrary, we are tragically losing whatever  influence we may have had in the past at an exceedingly rapid rate.  The fastest growing “religious group” today is made up of  those called  “nones” - who claim no religion at all. And their numbers are rising rapidly.

There must be something we can do to reverse this trend, but are we willing to take an honest look at ourselves and revisit some of our methods?

Our children and grandchildren are at risk


How Do You Know: Sensation or Revelation?

by B.J. Wheelock


How do you know something is true? Is something true only if it can be verified by the senses? Unfortunately, the philosophy of Empiricism, which holds that all knowledge is derived through sensory experience, is the prevailing view of our society. Consequently, the word of the scientist has become the final authority on what is knowable. If one cites a scientific study as the source of his truth claim, he is wise, but if one quotes from the Bible as the source of his truth claim, he is not only an ignorant fool, he is an evil, intolerant religious fanatic. Such is the day and age in which the Christian lives.
Therefore, the purpose of this book is to determine how we come to have knowledge. Is knowledge entirely dependent upon the eyes of men (sensation), or is knowledge entirely dependent upon the mouth of God (revelation)? The author answers the empirical fool according to his own folly, arguing that apart from revelation, man would be unable to gain any knowledge from his sensory experiences, and there would be no basis for scientific investigation. Revelation, not sensation, is the foundation for knowing; thus, the Christian walks by faith, not by sight.

"The Marvelous and Mysterious Miracle of the Memory"

By B.J. Wheelock

What is the memory? Is the memory comprised of physical matter? Why is our memory so unruly? Why do we forget what we desire to remember, and why do we remember what we desire to forget? Can we improve our unruly memories, and if so, how?

Based upon a 17th century sermon by the Puritan pastor Richard Steele, this short treatise on the subject of the memory endeavors to answer these questions from a Biblical perspective.
Though short (140 pages), this book is exceedingly practical, and provides tremendous insight into a much neglected and, ironically, forgotten subject. The memory truly is a marvelous and mysterious miracle of God, for which we ought to say, "Fearfully and wonderfully made am I."



Scripture calls us to be of the same mind. Unless we can first agree on standard definitions for our fundamental terms, we will be in danger of deep misunderstandings. This glossary of terms is meant to help us all be on the same page!