Be Strong in the Lord - A Tactical Guide for Spiritual Warfare

Be Strong in the Lord - A Tactical Guide for Spiritual Warfare

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“You are in a war, regularly being fired upon by a very real and very powerful enemy. As a Christian soldier, it is your duty to combat this enemy. You are to be strong in the Lord and put on the full armor of God that you may stand against the schemes of the devil.

“Therefore, to equip you in your soldiering, this book provides a thorough exposition on the full armor of God, as revealed in Ephesians 6:10-20. The central thesis of this tactical and practical guide to spiritual warfare is that the full armor of God is the full counsel of God; thus, you should not expect to make much progress in your spiritual warfare if you are unwilling to be a serious student of the Word. Confident and fearless is the Christian soldier whose mind is enveloped in the Scriptures."

We all need a good strong dose of inner strength and encouragement to engage in this struggle of good vs. evil. You’ll find this book a powerful tool in helping you walk confidently and courageously, knowing that when we do our part to become equipped for battle, our Mighty God will go before us to defeat all enemies!

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