"Bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ"

II Corinthians 10

How to Use This Series

Our Philosophy

This series is created– first and foremost– for parents, and from there for adults and teenagers of Christ’s churches everywhere. It is our belief that we (parents, Christians) must first become fluent in understanding how to view the world through the lens of the Bible so that we can fulfill our calling to be Salt and Light (Matt. 5:13-16), first in our homes and then in the world at large.

We believe that it is vital for parents to develop a biblical worldview in order to model it before the family, because our kids are watching us!

Using the Curriculum

Every session presents an in-depth exploration of the respective subject, usually broken into two segments of approximately 25 minutes each. A Bible study guide is provided for review either before or following each segment, with the intention that the individual or group will participate in thinking-through the ideas and principles discussed in the video segment after they have had the opportunity to look up scriptures and answer the questions.

  • Small Groups: there should be one person designated as the Discussion Leader, whose purpose is to facilitate the discussion only.
    • As a small group, we think it best that each participant first be given the Study Guide pertinent to the next scheduled video, in order to answer the questions in the Study Guide before meeting with the group and watching the video.
    • When meeting with a group, we suggest beginning by discussing one another’s answers relating to first the part of the video you will be watching.
    • Following the discussion, watch that part of the video and allow for comments among the group. Then proceed to the next section of discussion and viewing.
  • Individual Study: Simply read the question, look up the scriptures, think them through, and answer the questions to your best understanding., then watch the video. NOTE: For high school curriculum credit, this series may fall under the subjects of Sociology, Bible, or History.

Study Guides and Answer Keys

    NOTE: If used as curriculum for either high school or college study, we have provided suggested resources which are excellent supplements to go along with the videos. You will find these resources in the RESOURCES file contained on the  CD titled Study Guides and Resources withing each TLAC Series.

    The entire series has been modeled after the format of the Thinking Like a Christian Teachers Handbook, by David Noebel with Chuck Edwards (Copyright 2002 by David Noebel), and we are grateful for their permission to follow their model and to quote them. Our hope is that those who view this video series will go to Summit.org on a regular basis in order to tap into their abundant and cutting-edge resources.