"Bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ"

II Corinthians 10

What Does the Bible Say About Theology?

Session #3: The Christian worldview of Theology

  • What Does the Bible Say About Theology?
  • How can we know that there is GOD?
  • How can we Know GOD?
  • What is God Like? What are His attributes?
  • What are His Characteristics?
  • How does Christianity’s God compare to those of the other Major Religions

Everyone is religious! Though some may vehemently object to that statement, it is nonetheless true when the term religion is clearly defined as a system of ideas and beliefs that govern one's life. Likewise, everyone has a god when "god" is defined as the center of one's universe; the highest source for one's happiness.

There are many gods in today's world, ranging from those found in the world of traditional religions in history, to today's "new age" religions centered around man or the material universe. Theology is simply the study of those many gods.

So, What Does the Bible Say About Theology?

The Christian worldview is centered around the God of the Bible and Christians apologetically must claim that our God IS GOD, and all claims of other so-called "gods" are false.

It's one thing to make a claim as bold as this, it's another thing to be able to rationally defend such a claim. This video not only helps us defend our position, it also reveals the foolishness and dangers inherent in the ideas and beliefs of the other major religions of our day.