What does the Bible say about philosophy?

A philosophy is a body of ideas that flow out of a worldview. Our personal philosophy guides all our decisions in life; and the choices we make will bring blessings or trouble as a result. Therefore, it seems very wise to think through the ideas that make up our philosophy before we take serious steps in one direction or another.

These ideas will determine our choices in areas such as:

  • A future spouse
  • “Hooking up” before marriage
  • Our future career
  • Our work ethics
  • Our priorities in life
  • Our goals in life
  • Our friends

Every worldview leads to its own end. Thus, considering the end before we begin can save much grief in the future.

So what does the Bible say about philosophy? In this video, we look at the competing philosophies of the major worldviews of today, and compare their “end” with each other. We invite you to see how they stand up in the light of critical questioning.


Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (10/11/2017) blairwang (Flickr)

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