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TLAC Video Session 6 - The Christian Worldview of SCIENCE, Parts 1-4

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(NOTE: This sessions contains 2 videos)

At the time the Bible first became available to the common people, scripture was considered to be the inerrant Word of God, the source of all Truth. But today, instead of quoting scripture as Truth, we quote the latest scientific research. We have come to believe that what scientists say is more true than what the God of the Bible has to say. We are told – and many inside (and outside) the church believe – that the Bible has nothing to say about the complex issues we deal with in the 21st century; thus we should turn to the modern scientist to guide us in our evolution as a species. But just a glimpse at the condition of our world today begs the question: How's that working out for us?

In the last few decades, the intelligent design arguments have begun to affect the evolution/creation debate in a quite profound manner. However, in order for the average Christian to be even somewhat effective in debating a skeptic in this area, we often must be extremely familiar with the arguments on both sides. Usually, we are forced to follow the skeptic into rabbit-trail-after-rabbit-trail in order to "catch" him in a flaw in logic.

We believe that an even more powerful (and simple) tool of persuasion is the tool of Truth. Absolute truth is truth that never changes regardless of where you are in space or time. Yet we are told in this "scientific" world we live in today that there is no such thing as absolute truth. Truth, they say, is always relative to where you are in time and space. In other words, truth is always changing, and science will keep us informed when it does.

Therefore we believe that the best argument is the one that can be supported in the real world, and we must begin by asking a few simple questions: Can science give us Truth? Should science be relied upon to teach us about changing morals and behaviors? Are Science and Christianity compatible? Can a Christian be a scientist?

The bottom line: Science has positioned itself as the god of this age. White-robed scientists are the priests, and the latest scientific research is their "book of truth".

Let's see if this can stand up to simple reasoning!

(Video Length: Approx. 115 Min.)