TLAC Video Session 3 - The Christian Worldview of THEOLOGY

TLAC Video Session 3 - The Christian Worldview of THEOLOGY

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Every worldview always begins with our view of God.

  • Is there a God, or does evolution guide all life?
  • If there is a God, what is He like?
  • What does He like? What doesn’t He like?
  • What does He say is right? What does He say is wrong?
  • Is He personally involved in this world, or not?
  • Are we accountable to Him; and if so, to what degree?

Even among those who claim to not believe in a god, it is impossible to live without one. Why? Because a god is simply defined as who or what occupies the central place of importance in your life. Thus, a god can be you, your car, your looks, your favorite sports team. Or it can be something that impassions you, such as politics, the environment, or the natural universe. God is whatever idea or entity we make the center of our life.

We may worship one – or many – gods in our lives. In other words, we may place several “god(s)” on pedestals around which our lives revolve. 

Our theology – our view of god -  determines our religion, even if we say we aren’t religious. This is because a worldview is the same as an ideology or a religion: all are defined by the ideas we embrace and consider to be true and valuable.

The question is, who or what is the center of your life? Who or what is your god? And will he/it lead you to prosper in life, or fail?

Let’s compare the worldviews/religions of the day and see which makes sense to live by – or not.

(Video Length: Approx. 60 Min.)