"Bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ"

II Corinthians 10

Endorsements - Exploring Homeschooling

Mbuyi Khuzadi


















Anaheim, CA                                               

December, 2016

  I am one of two Executive Directors of Exploring Homeschooling, a ministry in Southern California that introduces parents to Private Biblical homeschooling and provides avenues for ongoing support of those families throughout the homeschooling process.  Our organization has touched thousands of families throughout Southern California over the nearly ten (10) years that we have served.

 Recently, I have had the chance to review the program by Greater Than I Ministries called "Thinking Like a Christian".  It is an in-depth review of a wide range of issues important to the Christian in the present day.  Our team reviewed the material in the context of a small group study with a group that had a variety of experience in the Christian community. 

 During this experience, we reviewed a wide range of subjects including the Christian approach to Politics, Ethics, Science, and more.  Presented primarily by Roger Wheelock, the program helps ground a Christian in basics of a Christian world view and then to operate in a manner consistent with this world view.  This material is perfect for a young or mature Christian or for a junior or high school orientation to a world view.

 We at Exploring Homeschooling enthusiastically support the use of this material for parents who want their children to rightly understand the Christian world view and how to appropriately approach real life issues or for churches who want to equip their members to defend the faith and rightly implement the teachings of Jesus Christ in normal life.