"Bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ"

II Corinthians 10

Endorsements - Bob McEwen



The Honorable Bob McEwen                                                                           November, 2016

Count me among those who share the values and passion of Roger Wheelock and his team at Greater Than I Ministries. Their focus upon the vital need for today's Christians to apply Biblical truths in every sphere of life is exactly what is needed in these times of radical social and political upheaval. The church especially can benefit from this Christian worldview teaching. GTI's “Thinking Like a Christian” Video Series is a great tool to assist in that noble task.

 Whether in need of a Biblical Worldview speaker at your church or organization, or if one is considering taking groups through a worldview series, I am pleased to recommend Greater Than I Ministries.

 Bob McEwen

Former Ohio Congressman and current Executive Director of the Council for National Policy (cfnp.org)