"Bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ"

II Corinthians 10

Endorsement - Toni Muus, homeschool Coop Director, Whittier Christian

Letter of Endorsement

As the homeschool director for more than 23 years at Whittier
Christian Private Satellite Program, I have watched many students
grow up.
It has concerned me to see so many students go through our
program, homeschooled by loving, caring, Christian parents and
see that same student totally reject the Bible and God in adulthood.
As a parent of three adult children, I realize that raising a child to love the Lord with all
their heart, soul and mind, takes more than a loving home and a "good" curriculum. It
takes a purposeful determination to instill godly principles in their life and to tackle
those hard and often perplexing questions about God and Christianity that your child
may never ask at home, but will be faced with in the adult world.
Believe me, the seeking and questioning time will come and you want to equip them to
have answers.
This is where Greater Than I Ministries can help you. This a solid,
understandable and user friendly curriculum to help begin to shape a Christian
World View for you and your child. This is a program you work through
together, sharpening each other, letting your child know your struggles with
belief and faith.
This program will hopefully be a spring board for a deeper pursuit of God and the
beginning of a lifelong road of faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Toni Muus
Director 1999-2016
Whittier Christian Schools
Association of Christian Schools International