What is a worldview and why does it matter?

Over the last five decades, Christian worldviews have taken a beating in the western world. Our faith, our beliefs, and our God have been accused of being the source of all the world’s problems. This lie has been repeated for so long without opposition in our state education system and in the media that most people believe it to be true.

So, what is a worldview?

Worldviews are composed of ideas, and ideas, when embraced, will lead to moral choices that have consequences, either positive or negative.

A worldview is not gained by simply studying philosophy or theology. A worldview is comprehensive and is developed through the lens of all our interrelated life experiences, from family relationships to academic studies to what kind of media we are exposed to. If you are watching our video series, we believe that once completed, you will see life from a much wider vantage point!

As the saying goes, we can choose our own opinions, but we can’t choose our own facts. Living in a fantasy world cannot be sustained. Sooner or later the illusions we have chosen to believe will be exposed, and only the consequences will remain. It is wise to consider carefully the ideas we build our life upon.

Your worldview matters!

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (10/11/2017) Chris Yarzab (Flickr)

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