Teachers Encouraged to Aggressively Recruit Children into LGBTQ Clubs

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The 4th Largest Teacher’s Union in the nation recently conducted a conference in Palm Springs, CA. titled, “2021 LGBTQ+ Issues Conference - Beyond the Binary: Identity and Imagining Possibilities.”

The sold-out conference in late October hosted by the California Teacher’s Union stated, “CTA is proud to present the thirteenth annual CTA conference addressing LGBTQ+ issues involving educators, students and the community.” The conference served as, “a venue to discuss a variety of subjects affecting the entire membership and California’s youth” [emphasis added].

During these sessions - captured on recordings obtained by independent journalist Abigail Shrier -  teachers were encouraged to “create a safe environment that fosters bravery to explore sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression;” receive instruction on how to start Gay-Straight Alliance clubs and LGBTQ+ clubs for middle-school students; learn how to recruit children, and a whole lot more.

“Speakers went so far as to tout their surveillance of students’ Google searches, internet activity, and hallway conversations in order to target sixth graders for personal invitations to LGBTQ clubs, while actively concealing these clubs’ membership rolls from participants’ parents,” stated Shrier.

Stalking Children?

One of the speakers, Kelly Baraki, led a seminar titled, “How we run a ‘GSA’ [Gay-Straight Alliance club] in Conservative Communities,” during which she unabashedly stated,

“…we started to try and identify kids. When they were doing virtual learning – we totally stalked what they were doing on Google, when they weren’t doing schoolwork.” [emphasis added]

 Another of the teacher/speakers, Lori Caldeira, flaunted her position as a volunteer tasked with running the morning announcements at her school, “I’m the one who controls the messaging. Everybody says, ‘Oh, Ms. Caldeira, you’re so sweet, you volunteered to do that.’ Of course, I’m so sweet that I volunteered to do that. Because then I control the information that goes home,” she says in one of the recordings. “And for the first time, this year, students have been allowed to put openly LGBT content into our morning announcement slides.” [emphasis added]

 Now, if you’re not from California, you’re probably thinking, “Well, that’s the Left Coast. MY school district has good teachers – and a lot of them are Christians.” However, be warned that this radical agenda has been in play for many years in state-run schools and is far more deeply embedded throughout the country than most parents could imagine. If you think your school district is immune from these pornographic policies, you risk being fearfully fooled. The truth is that all teachers have their hands tied. They can only teach what the state or district allows, and Christianity doesn’t pass their tests. The Bible can never be taught as a moral handbook for life in our state systems.

The most powerful voice for determining curriculum is broadcast by the teacher’s unions, and it should be known that the largest of those unions, the NEA (National Education Association), features an in-depth “Toolkit” of LGBTQ resources on their website designed to “support transgender and non-binary students, to be more inclusive of LGBTQ+ history in their classrooms, and to stop LGBTQ+ bias and intolerance in our public schools.”

And if you’re waiting and praying for the reformation of the public schools – we’re way past that dream. Until the teacher’s unions are shut down, the Supreme Court reverses its many anti-Bible decisions, and the nation returns to Christianity in a mass revival, there is no chance that the radical policies being implemented everywhere will be reversed. And certainly not in time to save your children from the finely tuned indoctrination techniques designed to eliminate biblical truth from student education. The only option – and the best, by far – is to get your kids out of the clutches of the public schools and back into your loving hands. You can do this!

If you care to read more on this issue, see Ms. Shrier’s original article at Substack.com.

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