Living Victoriously in Today’ s War Zone

We’re living in World War III—an all-out attack against the Christian Church, the Christian faith and families everywhere. Can we turn this around??

With over 80% of professing Christian teens abandoning The Faith by their early 20s, and 60% of those teens claiming their reason is, “the church and the Bible don’t relate to my life,” it’s clear we’re in a spiritual battle for our very lives—and those of every generation after us.

 What can we do about it?

First, acknowledge that the war is over IDEAS. Second, we can set our hearts to becoming equipped to battle those lies with the Truth—to make this a priority in our families and churches.


To assist in this battle, GTI has created our NEW “You Are What You Think” Biblical Worldview package, combining short video teachings that work side-by-side each lesson in our textbooks and booklets— all designed to equip

you, your family and your church with the knowledge you need to discern the good ideas from the evil, and not be taken captive by the deceptions of the world.

How and Why Was This Series Developed?

After serving as worship leader for over 35 years while God sent me my family into four denominations, we all observed the church in America becoming less and less effective in holding families, churches, and our culture together. We determined the cause of today’s chaos is lack of education/discipleship in our churches.

American Christianity created this nation—which became the most free, the most powerful, and the most generous nation in history—all because our faithful founders believed the Word of God to be the source of all truth, knowledge, and wisdom. To such dedicated disciples, the Bible was worth more than gold—it was the very air they breathed.

 These simple pioneers believed the Bible contains “everything we need for life and godliness” (2 Peter 1:3); and as such, they vigorously taught the application of its principles in all of life. As a result, America quickly became the most literate nation the world had ever seen—by far.

 In 1789 when the Constitution went into effect, America was over 95% literate, while Europe was barely at 50%. And the vocabulary used in the average newspapers of that day was so sophisticated that most college students of today would be hard-pressed to comprehend a simple paragraph! History reveals that teens of that early era were often leading the way in religious and political thought, education, and the trades—all due to the full-orbed education of the day.

 But during the 1800s, our churches began giving over the education of our youth to the godless state and we became like frogs boiling in water. By the 1960s, the water boiled over, and here we are today stunned by how rapidly our culture has been flipped on its head. Today, over half of American adults are considered to be functionally illiterate!

 Again, the cause of our collapse is summed up in the scripture, “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.”

 But there is HOPE! If we return to our first love: Christ—the Logos, the Word of the Bible—our Lord promises blessings immeasurable to those who seek His wisdom in all of life. Then, we are to love our children, our churches and the nations by “teaching them to observe all [Christ has] commanded.

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Blessings to all!!

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