FREE Resources to Help Families Survive the Education Crisis


The Covid-Crisis has brought to light how broken our education system is in America and parents everywhere are deeply concerned over their children's future.

We know that public schools have been systematically wiped free of biblical instruction and only the relatively few Christian teachers in the schools provide any possible moral influence for the children. Statistics reveal that over 80% of all K-12 teachers support anti-Christian ideas and beliefs which are abhorrent to most parents.

The Bible is clear. Education void of biblical oversight leads to godlessness and lawlessness, and we're seeing this manifested in the violent rioting in cities across America.

But there is hope. For years, parents thought they could never survive without sending their kids to the public school system, but things have changed dramatically for the good over the last few decades. All states allow parents to school their own children in one way or another, and the options and flexibility that homeschooling now offers make home education a very attractive alternative for parents in almost any situation. They just need direction in how to get started.

GTI, in partnership with Trinet Internet Solutions of Irvine, CA, has begun an aggressive ad campaign through YouTube and Facebook to provide solutions for parents whose children could benefit greatly from a Christian home education.

The materials we're providing in this campaign are absolutely FREE. We're simply trying to help parents who want a better education for their children.

Take a moment and watch the 30-second ad we’re running for the next 2 months. You’ll notice we mention Two resources available for FREE which can be downloaded from our GTI website.
You can download both below and even pass them on freely to friends who also may be considering homeschooling.

To download your FREE Home Educator Kit and "Christianity and Education" pdf Booklet, just Click the images below.

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