“God is good! …All the time!” – Even in Tragedy?

Many of us have loudly attested to this --- usually when good times are upon us. But what about those who have recently lost all their life’s possessions – and many have lost lives – in the recent catastrophic hurricanes in south Texas, Puerto Rico, and Florida; at the massacre in Las Vegas, and in the wildfires of California?

Can we imagine these battered souls joining in the chorus "God is good!" … All the time?

Is God Good All the Time – Even in Tragedy?

As we mourn with them over their losses and pray for their recovery, we can hope that they might find assurance and strength from the Word of God, as expressed in the following excerpt by Charles Spurgeon in his commentary on Psalm 1.

"And whatsoever he doeth shall prosper." (Psalm 1:3)

Blessed is the man who hath such a promise as this. But we must not always estimate the fulfillment of a promise by our own eye-sight. How often, my brethren, if we judge by feeble sense, may we come to the mournful conclusion of Jacob, "All these things are against me!" For though we know our interest in the promise, yet we are so tried and troubled, that sight sees the very reverse of what that promise foretells.

But to the eye of faith this word is sure! And by it we perceive that our works are prospered, even when everything seems to go against us. It is not outward prosperity which the Christian most desires and values; it is soul prosperity which he longs for.

And it is often for the soul's health that we would be poor, bereaved, and persecuted. Our worst things are often our best things. As there is a curse wrapped up in the wicked man's mercies, so there is a blessing concealed in the righteous man's crosses, losses, and sorrows. The trials of the saint are a divine husbandry (planting seeds before harvest), by which he grows and brings forth abundant fruit.1

We all know the story of Job. Let’s pray that God’s suffering children will not just hear Him; but like Job, they will see him.

And as the rest of us watch and pray from a distance, let us remember that our lives are not exempt from tragedy, and pray that when that time comes, we will be able to cry out “God is good … All the time!”                                                            -by Roger Wheelock, 10/13/2017

 Is God Good All the time?

1 Spurgeon, Charles. THE TREASURY OF DAVID Vol.1 (Psalms 1-25) (Kindle Locations 199-201). Unknown. Kindle Edition.

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