Education, the Church, and the State (Part 2)

How important is our children’s education, and whose responsibility is it?

In our last commentary, we stated that whoever is given charge of teaching/equipping the next generation will have nearly carte-blanche authority to point them in one direction or another.

We ended with this question: Biblically, whose responsibility -- no, …whose privilege -- is it?

This leads us to the main question that Bible-revering Churches must answer at this moment in history: Where in the Bible is the responsibility to educate the children ever given to the State (government)?

The answer: Never

Yet, God clearly warns us – multiple times – that education is the responsibility of the parents with support from the church. 1  (See Deuteronomy 4:9, 6:6-9, 24-25; 11:18-21)

  • Why, then, have the churches compliantly agreed to allow the State to take over the education of the children -- children whose parents attend their church, profess Christ as Lord, and are taught by the church to believe the Bible as their ultimate authority?
  • Why do sermons virtually never address the subject of who is responsible for the education of the children?
  • Do we really believe that having families in church for no more than two hours of every week is enough to combat the influence of the world the remaining 112 hours per week?
  • Why are we avoiding this battleground like the plague?

We are simply asking …Is this NOT a Biblical priority? Consider how many times God stresses the requirement to teach the children while we walk, sit, lie down, and rise up, so that the nation will never forget the lessons of the past. Then, He clearly pronounces the curses that will fall upon the people if they are not diligent to teach the following generations to fear and obey God’s commands ( Deuteronomy 4:25-28). Look around in this nation and the world. Are we not on the very cusp of experiencing those curses today?

In our previous posts we gave just a few facts that reveal we are losing the battle – catastrophically – over the next generation, over our nation, AND over the future of the Christian church in America.

God’s Word is explicit. If the Church does not help equip its people to become disciples of Christ - if we elevate making converts over multiplying ministers – we will fall because we will have lost our balance. When we over-prioritize one purpose over a more important purpose, we’ve failed in our purpose.

We respectfully suggest that churches re-examine their priorities and consider how to assist the parents in taking on the responsibility to closely oversee their children’s education - to the best of their ability.                          

Here are some ideas:

  1. Provide assistance (monetary or other) for those who wish to home-school, but need help
  2. Create or assist homeschool co-ops that can benefit single parents who must work to support their family
  3. Provide assistance in tutoring
  4. Provide a library of educational tools that families can take advantage of
  5. Host seminars, ministries, or speakers to bring focused attention upon this vital area of Christian life
  6. Support – from the pulpit – representatives that strongly support school-choice legislation
  7. Take action to reform the school districts in your area by helping to equip and provide moral support for those in your congregations who might serve on local school boards.
  8. Every church has a “missions” budget. What greater mission-field is there than the families and children in our own congregations? Remember Hosea 4:6: My people perish from lack of knowledge!

If you agree with these ideas, forward this to someone who might benefit from this information!

1The church is simply the joining together of the individuals and families that manifest the Body of Christ.

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