American Education and the Political Affiliations of the Educators

“As a man thinks, so he is” (Proverbs 23:7) 

There is a radical imbalance within our education system.

The statistics below may shock you -- or not. What you'll see is that the vast majority of professors and teachers overtly support one political party over the opposition. This matters because the moral platform of that political party are radically incompatible with both the Bible and the Constitution, which explains the chaos in America today. It is only logical, then, to conclude that If we want to fix America, we must start with the education system.

(PLEASE NOTE: This is not meant to imply ingratitude for the many Christian educators who view their job as a ministry to the youth. But the point is that they are significantly outnumbered)

Professors (the teachers of the teachers)

“There are more than ten professors affiliated with the Democratic Party for every one faculty member who is a registered Republican. Indeed, faculty political affiliations at 39 percent of the colleges in my sample are Republican free — having zero Republicans.” - Mitchell Langbert, Associate Professor of Business Management at Brooklyn College1

(In the chart below, the first number before the period represents the number of registered Democratic teachers in the college/university system;  and the number after the period represents the # of Republican teachers. Thus, 1.6 shows that for every one Democrat teacher there are six Republican teachers in that field.)


The Political Affiliation of K-12 Public School Teachers

 “Why Are Teachers Mostly Liberal?” 2       

It is important to understand the influence of schools of education, which train prospective teachers, on the political and ideological leanings of teachers.

While it unsurprising that among actors and actresses there are 90 Democrats for every 10 Republicans, many would be amazed to discover that teachers are actually as liberal or even more so than those in acting. Among English teachers, there are 97 Democrats for every three Republicans, with the proportion being even more one-sided among health teachers, with 99 Democrats for every one Republican. While there are slightly more Republicans among math and science teachers, among high school teachers overall, there are 87 Democrats for every 13 Republicans.

The facts

For every 1 Republican school teacher there are 4 Democrat teachers (80 D’s for every 20 R’s)

Breakdowns by teacher specialty: (D/R)

Preschool            3/1        

Elementary         5/1

High School        6/1

Specific Subjects

Math                    5/1

Science                6/1

English                 31/1

Health                  99/1


Is there any question why America is on fire politically, educationally, racially, and morally?


2 -Data source: Campaign contribution data from the FEC as reported in Washington Post, 2015) )


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  • All of academia has been hijacked and infiltrated by communist/Marxist atheists for decades now. Is it any wonder no matter what academia produces or what comes out of it whether it be teachers, politicians, or CEOs…they all have been indoctrinated and brainwashed with a godless, dangerous, tyrannical ideology infecting society with a fatal disease. As with all fatal diseases, it must be destroyed and eliminated.

    Madeline Doeing

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