50 FREE 2020 Election Booklets on POLITICS

50 FREE 2020 Election Booklets on POLITICS

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This FREE offer is for INDIVIDUALS who desire to pass these pamphlets to others before the 2020 election, and is only available until Oct. 25, 2020.

What does the Bible say about Christian involvement in politics? What happens when Christians don't participate?

Is the doctrine of "Separation of Church and State" supported by either the Constitution of the U.S. or the Bible? Are pastors required to be silent in the pulpit over political/social issues by either the State or the Bible? Is there any arena of life that is not sacred to God? What are the main beliefs of the two major political parties in America?

These questions and many more are answered in this short 50-page booklet.

These come 50 in a box. When you order the quantity of 1 at the Checkout, you will receive 50 of these FREE pamphlets with your order