TLAC Video Series Complete Series #1 and #2 - contains 14 DVD's )

TLAC Video Series Complete Series #1 and #2 - contains 14 DVD's )

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We live in an increasingly chaotic world.

It seems as if everything we have believed about Christianity is being attacked today. And those of us sitting in the pews are crying out for answers that will help us make sense of life and rise above the confusion.

The good news is that our God does not want His children to live in confusion or fear, thus He has provided the answers that can bring clarity to our lives in His personal diary to us, the Bible.

We live in a battlefield of ideas and it is difficult to know which ideas are true and trustworthy and which are not. The purpose of this series is to confront those ideas head-on as we compare and contrast God’s IDEAS against those of the opposing worldviews of today. In each the 12 categories of life that we investigate, you will find:

  1. A summary of what the God of the Bible promises as blessings to those who follow His precepts, as well as the curses that must come to those who choose to live by another worldview, and
  2. A summary of the various opposing worldviews that permeate our world.

As we do so, we will reveal the main points of difference between each. We will weigh each of these worldviews using history, logic, and reality-based statistical examples of the results or consequences of following each worldview. We encourage everyone to not blindly trust our interpretations, but to examine for yourselves if the conclusions we are drawing from the evidences are true. This course is designed to develop critical thinkers.

A fundamental principle in this series is that laws are necessary for life.

Without law there is chaos. Simply consider for a moment the results if all traffic signals stopped working at rush hour!

Science has revealed over 20 Natural (physical) laws that govern the universe, and all are finely tuned to allow for life. If just one law was to go out of tune by even the tiniest fraction, all the other laws would collapse. The result would be no life!

This is a fact that cannot be ignored without consequences. Furthermore, in these videos we will demonstrate that the physical laws enforce the moral laws presented in the Bible. This leads to the logical conclusion that there are universal moral laws, as well as universal physical laws; and the moral laws are even more consequential when disregarded and disobeyed.

Therefore, whatever worldview one chooses to embrace must take into consideration the fixed laws that govern life. To ignore the power and consequence of the universal physical and moral laws is to live in a fantasy world outside of reality.

Our claim is that the Bible contains the moral laws that, when obeyed, give life. Your job is to decide if this is true.

(NOTE: This series includes 1 FREE DVD "The Privileged Planet" from Illustra Media)

(Video Length: Approx.14 Hours)