NEW!! "Thinking Like a Christian" video series AND "You Are What You Think" Textbooks with NEW Instructor Guides

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We are excited to reveal our newest set of tools to help you teach your family and friends to think and live biblically and triumphantly through the chaos we see today. 

NOW AVAILABLE: The popular You Are What You Think TEXTBOOK series now work hand-in-hand with our Thinking Like A Christian (TLAC) video series! These revised Textbooks contain not only word-for-word content from the videos, but an additional 15% more information ... AND they are arranged to follow the videos minute-by-minute. Additionally, we have created a set of Instructor Guides - with answer keys also provided - to assist the leader day-by-day, 

Using the Videos along with the Textbooks combines both visual learning and reading comprehension, providing multiple reinforcement to the teaching - enhancing the ability to process and retain the information.

There is a great need for Christians of all ages to be equipped with answers to battle against the evil ideas attacking us from all directions today! Thus, our purpose for providing this curriculum is to help you lead others through these vital biblical worldview lessons more easily and efficiently.

This Special Introductory offer includes:

  1. The complete 12-subject Thinking Like a Christian Video series on DVD, Streaming, or Thumb Drive (Choose from the STYLE options at the left or above "Add to Cart" in the Store)
  2. You Are What You Think Textbooks #1 and #2
  3. Instructor Guides #1 and #2 with answer keys to assist the leader day-by-day