Lindell TV Special - 15% Off "YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK" Biblical Worldview Textbook OR Booklet Series

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This is a limited time offer that allows 15% off the 2-book series of You Are What You Think Textbooks and/or 15% off "YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK" Booklet Series!!

CLICK BELOW on the SERIES you choose.

The 15% discount will be automatically applied at checkout (the Booklets can be ordered individually or as a complete set) 


1. "YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK TEXTBOOK series with Study Questions and Answer Keys

 Reg price: $74.95 

Sale Price: $64.95 - 15% = $55.21

2. "YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK BOOKLET series with Study Questions and Answer Keys

Individual Booklets:

Reg price: $11.95 Each

Sale Price: $9.95 - 15% = $8.46


3. "YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK Complete BOOKLET sets (12 booklets @ 25% Discount):

Reg price: $120

Sale Price: $120 - 25% = $89.00


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