Instructor Guides for Using the

Instructor Guides for Using the "TLAC VIDEOS" with "You Are What You Think TEXTBOOKS"

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These booklets provide those who wish to incorporate the Thinking Like a Christian video series together with the You Are What You Think biblical worldview Textbooks as one class, allowing the teacher to show short portions of video which tie-in with the same material being covered in the textbooks, day-by-day.

NOTE: There are two distinct Instructor Guides contained in each booklet, one for use with the DVD’s and the other for use with the Streaming or Thumb Drive formats of the Thinking Like a Christian (TLAC) Videos   

NOTE: Your purpose as instructor is to require them to give answers IN THEIR OWN WORDS whenever called for. Some answers are specific, while many are calling for the student’s personal responses. We don’t want them to give us the answer that they simply think we want to hear. Challenge the student to answer for themselves. They must learn to own what they believe.

For your added convenience, we have also included the ANSWER KEYS for the subjects included in each booklet. The answers are highlighted in BOLD type.